The reviews below are mostly taken directly from Googe Reviews. Should you wish to check their validity, Google “Drive Tastic Driving School” and you will see them there also.

Cerys Nelson, from Bridgend, wrote on the 4th September 2019

Never thought I would see the day I would pass my test….let alone 1st time. Dewi has an amazing pass rate and is super professional. I honestly can’t thank this man enough for putting up with all of my hissy fits and tantrums. I will feel lost without our little chats and lessons. All the best for the future Dewi, it’s been a pleasure.


Lara Einon, from Pen-Y Mynydd, wrote on the 8th August 2019

Thank you so much Dewi!! Would recommend to anyone, amazing teacher, had the best time learning to drive and passed first time!! Thank you so much for everything!!

Alana George, from Kidwelly, wrote on the 6th August 2019

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Dewi for his time, patience and driving knowledge over the past seven months. I really couldn’t have done it without him. If anyone is looking for a top class driving instructor I highly recommend Dewi. Thank you yet again, it’s been a pleasure.

Rachel Bell, from Pencoed, wrote on 26th July 2019

First class driving instructor. Dewi taught my daughter to drive confidently and didn’t just teach her how to pass the test. Would highly recommend Drivetastic.

Molly Wright, from Cornelly, wrote on the 15th July 2019

I couldn’t recommend Dewi enough! Every time I doubted myself Dewi gave me the confidence I needed to push on and stop worrying. He is so patient and made me actually enjoy my driving lessons (which I had trouble doing in the past with other instructors). Thank You so much, I couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

Chris Minty, from Bridgend wrote on the 5th March 2019

Excellent instructor very informative, would highly recommend to anyone. Always made me feel calm and confident in my ability. I passed first time with NO minors. Was a pleasure to have spend time with, going to miss the chats. Thanks very much.

Joanna Whittaker, from Pembrey wrote on the 26th February 2019

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dewi for his patience and encouragement. Highly recommend his as a driving instructor for people of any age. I was a late learner and a nervous thirty something, but he helped to build my confidence and got me through my first and only test, with only 2 minors. Happy Days !

Emily Childs, from South Cornelly wrote on the 26th October 2018

Dewi was such a good instructor. He was patient with me, teaching around my strengths and weaknesses, making sure I am fit for the road. Had a lot of fun in my lessons and will always be thankful I had Dewi as my instructor. 100% would recommend to everyone.

Ashley Ward, from North Cornelly wrote on the 19th September 2018

Absolutely amazing! Passed second time and instructor is a massive help, completely calmed me and helped me until the end..thank you so much!

Megan Clanfield from Bridgend, wrote on the 15th August 2018

“Amazing instructor, so easy to get along with. Made driving fun and would 10/10 recommend”.

Ben Mullins from Porthcawl, wrote on the 12th July 2018

“Really enjoyed my lessons with Dewi, really good instructor, easy to understand and made driving seem simple. Would highly recommend”.

Sultaan Azam from Porthcawl, wrote on the 13th June 2018

“Dewi is a thorough and patient instructor who helped me pass my test first time with only four minors. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their driving test first time”.

Steve Picton wrote on the 29th March 2018

“Awesome local company. Always on time, never let us down, got our son passed first time within six months with Part Time Training. A gentleman to deal with. Keep up the good work!”

Jack Bevan from Porthcawl, wrote on the 29th March 2018

“Passed my test first time yesterday with only four minors! Never could I have done it without Dewi, and never thought I’d be able to do it so soon. Dewi was patient throughout and was always calm! He was always a laugh and knew how to make me comfortable driving around! Thank you Dewi, it was great fun learning with you”.

Rebecca Kelly from Porthcawl, wrote on the 9th march 2018

“Passed first time with only four minors. Dewi is very patient and I recommend to anyone”.

Elinor Williams from Porthcawl, wrote on 23rd February 2018

“Passed my test first time with only four minors thanks to the lessons and coaching provided by this fantastic driving school. Honest, fair and extremely patient instructor who is super friendly and so easy to get along with! Would highly recommend to anybody looking for driving lessons, which are at a brilliant price too”.

Stacey French from North Cornelly, wrote on 24th January 2018:

“Passed my test 1st time, January 18th with 1minor! Never could have done it without Dewi. I was so clueless and nervous when I started learning, but Dewi took his time and was very patient with me learning the basics. After that he was very supportive and would explain things clearly. Very easy to talk to and always asks how you’re feeling about your driving/anything you feel you need to work on before you even set off in the car. Thank you Dewi!”

Wayne Candy, from Porthcawl wrote on 22nd September 2017:

“Passed first time with zero faults with Dewi as my driving instructor. I was a fairly anxious person behind the wheel with some driving experience but Dewi got me driving around and doing routes I never thought I’d be able to achieve in so little time of learning. He was always extremely patient and calm but got me moving at a good pace. A very competent instructor and also a very nice person. I’d highly recommend Drivetastic to anyone. Wayne From Porthcawl.”

Megan Davies, from Llanelli, wrote on 13th April 2016:

“Dewi was recommended by a friend of mine and so I changed instructors to Dewi who helped me pass first time. I was very negative on trying my driving test but Dewi assured that I was a good driver and to have confidence in myself and made me feel comfortable in the car and he never failed to make me laugh! As I had bad experiences with other instructors I wasn’t looking forward to my lessons but with Dewi I couldn’t wait for my next lesson. Highly recommend Dewi to anyone!!!”

Chris Evans, from Porthcawl, wrote on the 23rd March 2015:

“Dewi at Drivetastic took someone who was nervous about all things car related, and helped me to pass first time. Dewi took his time and showed a lot of patience in getting me to were I needed to be, never once complaining about the mistakes I made, or me always asking questions. One thing I can say helped a lot was that I drove to different places, places I never thought possible for a learner, driving past Cardiff Castle was definitely a confidence builder. Dewi also never cancelled a lesson, was never late and that says a lot about what you will get from Drivetastic. I cannot recommend Dewi highly enough – it changed my life for the better.”

Salman Azam, from Porthcawl, wrote on the 20th March 2015:

“Dewi is a fantastic instructor with a very high tolerance of spices! Very chilled to learn with, always helpful and gave constructive feedback during the lessons. Always up for a chat and makes you feel at ease in the car. I would definitely recommend him to everyone, especially since he helped me pass first time! Thanks for everything Dewi! 🙂
P.S. I miss the electric handbrake and how easy it is to use :(“

Angharad Evans, from Bridgend, wrote on the 12th Feb 2015:

“For me, learning to drive was a testing process. I often had low confidence in my ability and tended to over-think and over-worry about my driving. Dewi showed great patience and kindness towards my many freak-outs, both related to driving and my personal life, eventually helping me to pass first time with only 2 minors. I would recommend Dewi to anyone, he is an amazing teacher and all round nice person.”

Bethany King, from North Cornelly, wrote on the 27th January 2015:

“I was previously having lessons with a different instructor before I found Drive-tastic through facebook. Changing instructors was the best thing I’ve done. Dewi was always calm and very friendly. I managed to pass my test first time in just over 6 months! Definitely recommend him, simply amazing!!”

Sara Grinell, from Bridgend, wrote on the 20th January 2014:

“As an older learner and having tried several times to learn to drive I was really nervous, but Dewi immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. He explained everything clearly and was happy to go over things to make sure I understood fully. After I had completed my course of driving lessons with Dewi I felt confident to deal with every eventuality and by going over the test routes constantly they were very familiar to me when I took my test. Much to my surprise I passed my driving test first time – something I thought I’d never ever be able to say! I would recommend Dewi to anyone who wants to learn to drive and is looking for a great instructor.”

Lewis Jones, from Porthcawl, wrote on the 20th January 2011:

“Its fair to say I was clueless with cars full stop before meeting Dewi. A brilliant teacher, and he made the lessons so enjoyable”

Carl Twinney, from Bridgend wrote on the 14th Jan 2011:

“Learning with Dewi and DriveTastic was one of the most enjoyable experiences. Learning to drive can be a nerve-testing and sometimes frustrating task to master, but with DriveTastic I had a relaxed and an enjoyable learning environment in the car. Driving is becoming a more expensive activity but DriveTastic offer the best prices around too. Dewi is a very friendly and patient instructor. He answered any questions I had and most importantly he built my confidence up and brought out the best in me when preparing me for my test and for the roads after passing. I passed first time and for that I owe a massive thank you to Dewi! I’d definately recommend DriveTastic to anyone”

Rhodri Clark from Baglan, wrote on the 13th January 2011:

“Excellent instructor, friendly environment to learn in and would recommend to anyone”

Lloyd Hulme from Litchard, Bridgend who passed his test on 5th June 2009 said:

“Learning to drive with DriveTastic was a very enjoyable experience. I was able to learn in a calm, relaxed atmosphere and with such a brilliant instructor I was able to pass first time!”

James Hopkins, from Litchard who passed his test 12th January 2010 said:

“Learning to drive with Drive-tastic was a great experience. Having a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the car made it really easy to learn how to drive. The instructor was calm, understanding and easy to speak with. With really competative prices it took a bit of pressure off learning and I fully enjoyed my lessons with Drive-tastic.”

Abbey Powell. From Wick who passed her test 9th March 2010, said:

“Thanks Dewi, I passed my test first time, due to his perseverance and endless patience. One-in-a-million driving instructor”

Huw Rosser from Litchard. Passed Test 8th March 2010, said:

“Learning to drive with Drive-tastic was a really great experience. Having such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the car made learning to drive very easy. The instructor was very calm and approachable if I had a question about driving during my lessons it was answered and explained fully which also helped prepare me for driving after I’d passed my test. With the prices being very competitive in my area Drive-tastic stands alone for the low price it provides and the high standard of teaching from the instructors, so it took a bit of pressure off learning to drive at the start and i fully enjoyed all of my lessons with Drive-tastic as every lesson was a new experience”.